Ways to Address your Stress in Hanmer

  • Relax and unwind in Hanmer Springs
  • Hanmer Golf Course
  • Hot tubs

As it comes to that time of year when all the public holidays are done till Spring, and you really need an escape to reclaim some work/life balance and address your stress - Hanmer Springs has to be one of the most perfect places to escape to in the South Island over the Winter months.

We are of course slightly biased, but here are six ways we suggest to address your stress with a Hanmer getaway.

1. Switch Off

Getting away from your computer screen, TV screen and even your mobile devices (once you've found your way here of course) is one of the best ways to de-stress we can think of. A "digital detox" or simply just a power down for at least a few days gives you the chance to look up and around you, get out into nature and the fresh air and enjoy interacting with those around you, without the distractions of constant text messages and social media updates.

2. Unwind

We love to relax and unwind in a hot pool to really ease away the tight muscles and stress, and Hanmer has not only the hot pools complex, but also our very own woodfired hot tubs which you can book for a session just a few metres away from your accommodation.

Our guests have been raving about how relaxing it is to simply sit back and enjoy a glass of wine or beer in the hot tubs - while enjoying the fresh mountain air and even a little snow on the ground. Each tub has it's own rustic roof to protect you from the worst of the elements, but not cut you off from the outdoors. You can book your hot tub sessions when you book accommodation with us, and we even have a special midweek deal going at the moment if you use 'freetub' when you book. 

3. Massage

If a good massage is your idea of total relaxation, then you're in luck. Hanmer has a number of very talented masseuses who can help you to ease away the stress. Check out our recommended day spa options as a starting point.

4. Golf

Golf has been described as a type of walking meditation and certainly the Hanmer Golf Course has the sort of setting that gives you plenty to contemplate while waiting for your companions to take their shot, or while you are walking to the next hole. Find out more about the options for golfing in Hanmer - from the mini version to the full 18 holes, in one of our recent blog posts.

5. Walk

If you prefer to walk without a golf club in your hands, there are so many beautiful places to walk around Hanmer. We brought a collection of some of the most popular walks together for you here. In the Winter months, the walk up Conical Hill is a great option - with a very rewarding panoramic view at the top.

6. Come Mid-Week

This is a well kept secret for any holiday destination as popular as Hanmer. Take advantage of our midweek rates and avoid the usual busyness of the pools and the village over the weekends and school holidays. Right now you can take advantage of a cheaper room rate, plus a free hot tub session and complimentary use of mountainbikes and wifi if you book our midweek deal