Horse or Llama Trekking Around the Hanmer Basin

  • Hanmer Horse Trekking
  • Hanmer Llamas

With such beautiful countryside in and around Hanmer Springs, it would be a shame to only view it at speed as we drive through - right? 

That's why other modes of transport are so popular in our little village - from walking to mountainbiking, four wheel motorbiking, pedal powered cruisers and last but not least, relying on our four legged friends to bring the transport - and the personality to the experience.

Hanmer Horse Trekking

You can now happily explore the Hanmer region on horse-back, thanks to the team at Hanmer Horse Trekking run by the lovely Shaun and Daf who are experienced horsemen and knowledgeable guides.

Your guides will take you for scenic adventures on chosen private and public land around the Hanmer Basin. Hanmer Horse Trekking will pick you up from central Hanmer outside the Hot Pools complex in their shuttle and take you to the starting point of your trek, where you will be introduced to your friendly, well behaved ride for the day! 

Their short haul treks are the most popular experience at Hanmer Horse Treks. One Hour $80.00 NZD per rider,  Two Hours $120.00 NZD per rider. Make sure you dress appropriately for the conditions and keep in mind that a horse trek is a gentle walk, not the opportunity for a high speed horse race! 

The company says "Our policy regarding trotting and cantering on our short haul treks is simply no, these are walking treks catering to not only advanced but beginner and those with limited riding experience. Our priority is on creating an environment where everyone can enjoy their taste of Hanmer."

To book your horse trek, visit the company website

Hanmer Llamas

For something more often found in South America - so defnitely a little out of the ordinary, you also have the option of booking in for a  Llama Trek with the owners of Hanmer Llamas Suzy and Tony Pierce.

These appealing looking animals are known as beast of burden for travellers in the Andes and other parts of the South American continent, but they are equally at home right here in our New Zealand mountains.

Whether you’d prefer a gentle stroll with a picnic lunch, taking in the scenic spots around Hanmer Springs village or you’re keen on experiencing all that the spectacular back country has to offer, the one day to multi day treks will have something to suit everyone. 

The llamas carry everything for you so don’t let fitness or adequate gear and supplies concern you.  

The team at Hanmer Llamas can also book you in for a fishing tour if that is your thing, and once again those helpful llamas do all the hard work carrying the gear, luggage and supplies to keep you going for several days out in the beautiful New Zealand countryside.

To book your experience with Hanmer Llamas, check out their company website. The options include everything from a one day through to a five day fully catered trip. By which time you will know your llamas very well!