Autumnal Awesomeness in Hanmer Springs

  • Hanmer autumn leaves
  • autumn in Hanmer Springs

Seems like summer only just arrived but it's been a hot one all around New Zealand. And in some places the leaves are already starting to turn, thanks to the lack of rain.

But one wonderful thing about Autumn here in Hanmer is that it is spectacularly beautiful!

Firstly the days are little cooler - you'll notice the air is fresher and crisper in the mornings but you will also be rewarded with clear blue skies.

A little further down the track, the very first frosts of the season might start happening, and again, those are normally followed by stunning sunny days.


This is the very best time of year for lots of outdoor activity - bushwalking, mountainbiking, walking Conical Hill, and so much more - you won't overheat and you can enjoy all the tracks and trails without the same crowds you might come across in the summer months.

What's even better of course, is that the leaves will start to turn and your photographs are going to look better than ever!

The other wonderful thing about Autumn is that it is time for the harvest - of all sorts of produce, including grapes ready for another wonderful vintage.

terrace edge wines Waipara.JPG

So if you are inspired by nature's bounty at this time of year, or you enjoy sampling some of the local wines, why not book one of our comfy motel units for a lovely long weekend - or even a week, and get away from it all.

Make the most of the next month before the school holidays come around again.

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And of course, it is by far the best time of year to really relax and unwind in our wonderful hot tubs. So don't forget to book yourselves in for a good soak or two as part of your stay!

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